Nordic power trading and electricity retail

One contact to purchase electrical power
in the entire Scandinavian market

The Sharing Power concept allows large customers in any Scandinavian country a simple and dedicated energy delivery in all three countries.
We can resolve any needs you may have in the field of power deliveries, e. g. concerns about the differences between the Scandinavian markets. Sharing Power is proud to be one of few suppliers able to manage a complex Pan-Nordic contract.

Sharing Power originates from traditional local/regional power utility business. We have a historical expertise in all kinds of energy related issues with a high degree of customer focus.

Sharing power partners


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The concept Sharing Power signals combined solutions and efforts.
The three partners; Affärsverken, Midtjysk and NTE have a strong position in energy retail and power trading. Our know-how is combined in new Scandinavian models to ensure a dedicated capacity to all kinds of clients.
We continuously develop new strategies and products. Together we have an enormous variety and strength that our customers can benefit from, e.g.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Energy visualisation, control and management
  • Solar power
  • Charging solutions
  • Demand flexibility


Sharing Power has several Nordic cross-border contracts, from many different industries and with different challenges. For further details please contact your preferred contact.

About Sharing Power

Business Center: Steinkjer/Trondheim, Norway
NTE is an Energy and Telcom company situated in the mid part of Norway. We aim to be a leading regional actor that contributes to the green shift.
Our business areas are:
Electricity retail and services, Telecom, Electrician services, Distribution Grid, Renewable power production.

Contact for further information
Erland Aarvik, Sales Manager
+47 913 338 02

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Business Center: Karlskrona, Sweden
Our business creates sustainable solutions that ensure high quality of life and social development.
Our business areas are: Electricity retail, District Heating, Waste Management, Communication Network, Boat Traffic and Distribution Grid.

Contact for further information
Mikael Svensson, Sales Manager
+46 (0)766-43 03 10

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Midtjysk Elhandel logo
Business Center: Randers, Denmark
Midtjysk Elhandel buys and sells sustainable electricity at competitive prices. Being an active player for 20 years in the deregulated electricity market we have acquired the skills and expertise to add value to our customers.

Contact for further information
Henrik Ravn, Key Account Manager
+45 5198 2095

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Herrfors logo
Business Center: Pietarsaari, Finland
With our experience in the energy field, we offer tailor-made solutions and always strive to be a reliable partner with a long-term vision. Large investments in renewable energy sources, result-driven portfolio-management and digitalized tools for our customers are part of our strategy.
Our business areas are: electricity retail, district heating, distribution grid and power production.

Contact for further information
Johanna Övergaard, Key Account Manager
+358 44781 5328 

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