Sharing Power expands

Press release April 2019

End-user deliveries are now available all across the Nordic countries

Until now it has been really complicated for Nordic enterprises to manage electricity contracts in all countries. There are substantial differences between the markets. But now Sharing Power is able to resolve any client's needs with a combination of extensive service and closeness to a minimum of cost and administration.

Sharing Power was launched one year ago by the three medium sized companies; Midtjysk Elhandel (Denmark), NTE Marked (Norway) and Affärsverken Energi (Sweden) each active in their national market for energy retail and power trade. Today, this partnership proudly presents Oy Herrfors Ab (Finland) as a new member of the partnership to conclude their Pan-Nordic business operations.

It makes us proud to be one of few suppliers with ability to manage such Pan-Nordic contracts. We have existing partnerships for other opportunities but this opens the door to a new market. Andreas Rasmus, COO of Herrfors

“All of us have received enquiries from clients if we are able to manage cross-border contracts. This recent year has been really successful. Sharing Power has been awarded several cross-border contracts and our common market position has grown significantly”, says Anders Karmehed, Country Manager at Affärsverken.

The Sharing Power concept allows large customers in any Nordic country a simple and dedicated energy delivery across the Nordic borders.

Now we can act both locally and close to our traditional market as well as we become an important player in the Nordic market. Claus Omann Jensen, CEO at Midtjysk Elhandel.

"The energy market is changing. With our partners we can take a more innovative and sustainable path towards new customer solutions. All four companies are involved in extensive product development and together we have an enormous variety and strength that our customers can benefit from", says Erland Aarvik, Sales Manager at NTE.

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